Playper’s Inspiration and FREE Paper Toys during COVID-19

Playper’s Inspiration and FREE Paper Toys during COVID-19

Everyone is suffering from the increased boredom and monotony of sheltering in place. Families with children especially feel the pressure to keep children engaged and occupied. Kids are so susceptible to boredom that they can quickly become frustrated when you can’t find anything new to occupy their time. In these trying times some companies, like Playper, are doing everything they can to help.

Playper is working hard on launching The Playper Kingdom, which will be a great toy for keeping your kids engaged. Crafting paper toys and then activating the play space with AR enhancements from a mobile app creates hours of fun and countless adventures for your kids to explore. However, with the product not quite ready for launch, Playper still wants to contribute to help children stay happy with fun, craftable paper toys. Head over to the Playper website and/or Playper’s social media with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds all providing FREE paper toys you can print at home. Then, when they’re done crafting, they have a fun new toy character to play with.

To create these toys and provide them for free to the public, Playper worked with top-notch paper toy designers like Matt Hawkins, Alex Gwynne, Matt Carless, and Brian Castleforte. These talented paper toy artists and Playper as a company felt inspired to create something for parents to make this global pandemic a little less difficult. All of the efforts can be succinctly summed up in a simple statement from Matt Hawkins, “”Really, I just want to get cool stuff out there to help the kids keep active and busy!” Playper agrees!

The Lil Red Monster, one of several FREE paper toys available from the links below or on social media.

I recently spoke with Matt Hawkins and Alex Gwynne in particular about what inspires them to make paper toys and why they wanted to help provide these free toys during the pandemic.

Alex had this to say on their inspiration and history with paper crafting:

“When I first got into paper crafts over ten years ago, it was because I lacked access to the tools, equipment and funds to create vinyl toys and I had to make do with what I had available. This is why I view ‘accessibility’ as such an important part of my paper toy designs.

I try to make them more accessible by: making the model fit onto a single page, making sure the design can be built using standard printer paper without the need for any special tools, and by making sure the design comes together in a way that makes it work for the builder’s hands.

It’s this accessibility that originally drew me into the world of paper toys, and there’s nothing more accessible than a free paper craft. With the internet, a printer and paper, people all over the globe can access and build a paper toy and I think right now we could all use more access to free downloadable fun.”

Matt spoke about his love of paper crafting:

“My favorite part of making art is connecting with other humans. I like to share paper craft because it forms a shared experience between the designer and the folks who build it. It calls for participation and collaboration. I wanted to make some free paper toys for that very reason as a creative way of reaching out to other people and share the joy of making.

I love designing paper crafts because it uses my right and left brain together. I love finding a technical solution to a creative problem or a creative solution to a technical problem. Paper is humble, plentiful and recyclable. What draws me to paper craft is the magic of seeing a 2D piece of paper become a 3D object and I would like to share that magic with you!”

Both Matt and Alex’s words speak for themselves and really show how much they care about paper craft and sharing their designs with the world. Playper’s CEO Webb Knudsen wanted to share a few words about Playper’s inspiration for creating toys for kids, and for getting these free paper toys out to the world:

“At Playper, we believe strongly in hands-on crafts. I’ve watched my 4-year-old son doing more crafts during this time, and we wanted to join the other thoughtful companies providing fun, free activities. We feel that paper is an underutilized material in toys generally and would love to see more plastic-centric toy companies follow our lead and use more sustainable materials for their toys. We think paper toys are just plain fun, and we hope to put big smiles on the faces of kids and their parents who build these paper toys.”

The Playper Kingdom, the upcoming subscription box from Playper.

As you can surely tell, Playper and its artists are passionate about what they do and can’t wait to share more with you. The upcoming Playper Kingdom will be a robust and engaging set of toys for kids. Check out what they’re working on at Don’t forget to follow Playper on all your favorite social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are the best places to find and download all these amazing free toys. Playper is here for you in these trying times, and they look forward to engaging with you as we approach the launch of The Playper Kingdom playset subscription box.

Playper + Matt Hawkins Paper Toys:

Playper + Alex Gwynne Paper Toys:

Playper + Matt Carless Paper Toys:

Playper + Brian Castleforte Toys:

  • Still to come! Stay tuned and follow us on social media to download these very soon.

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